Delta Faucet's Inspired Living is a content-rich portal on the Delta Faucet website designed to enhance the overall user experience and ensure consumers' ongoing engagement with the brand. Inspired Living features an engaging mix of content types—articles, quizzes, mood boards, infographics, slideshows, buying guides and videos—designed to appeal to users at varying points of the dreaming/researching/shopping/buying process.

Inspired Living marquees
Inspired Living 'Aromatherapy Around the House' infographic | Illustrated by Danielle Kroll
Inspired Living '5 Wicked-Good Recipes for Deviled Eggs' | Illustrations by Danielle Kroll​​​​​​​
Inspired Living 'Guinness World Records Record Holder' social object
+ Adapted for all social channels +
Inspired Living 'Chalet Chic' mood board 
Inspired Living 'Easy Earth-Saver' social objects
Inspired Living 'Choosing a Bath Faucet' infographic | Illustrated by Jude Buffum
Inspired Living 'The Fascinating History of Indoor Plumbing' timeline
Inspired Living 'Low Country Zen' mood board 
Inspired Living 'Anatomy of a Fabulously Functional Laundry Room' infographic
Illustrated by Jude Buffum

Inspired Living 'How to Select a Kitchen Faucet' buying guide
+ Designed as a printable shopping companion for the user +

Inspired Living visual directory--includes buttons, articles,
infographic teasers and other content types
Inspired Living 'No More Shrieking in the Shower' article

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