Farm Bureau Financial Services provides financial solutions and develops multi-generational relationships with the families they serve. They wanted to expand their existing branding to appeal to a new client base, while still being true to their midwestern roots. This led to a color palette update and a visual playbook for their marketing team. This mood board was designed to grow as the brand evolves.
Farm Bureau Financial Services Mood Board Introduction
Farm Bureau Financial Services Mood Board Color Palette
Farm Bureau Financial Services Mood Board Color Palette Variations
Farm Bureau Financial Services Mood Board Photography
Farm Bureau Financial Services Mood Board Photography
When her son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Stephanie Conner realized she had a real need to find allergy-friendly recipes her son Conner would actually want to eat (dairy-free risotto, anyone?) But, more than that, she also wanted her son to develop a healthy relationship with food while gaining confidence in the kitchen. She started sharing her experience on a blog called Kiddos Cook which then expanded into a podcast. Below is a sample of what we've been cooking up the past few years.
Fall Kiddos Cook Logo | The base logo utilizes the O shape in the words as a container for icons reinforcing important messages. 

Spring Kiddos Cook Logo.

Podcast Kiddos Cook Logo.

Detail of the Kiddos Cook custom cooking-inspired color palette.

Artwork for 'Kiddos in the Kitchen', a podcast launched in 2019, 
designed to stand out in the sea of cooking podcasts.

Printable Kiddos Cook allergy-friendly recipe cards.

Each recipe is accompanied by these helpful icons to help the 
home chef quickly narrow down which ones are right for them.

Instagram Takeovers are utilized to announce new features on the web site or updates to the podcast. 

Kiddos Cook thank you cards

Dr. Doris Rapp is a board-certified environmental medical specialist, pediatric allergist and homeopath. Her branding reinforces her traditional medical credentials, while aligning with her pursuit of knowledge in environmental medicine.
+ One Color/Gold Foil Emboss +
My latest project is a personal one: a logo and identity package for my studio. Utilizing a process called 'printfinity', I used a series of patterned backgrounds and colored overlays to make each individual piece unique. The various elements can then be mixed and matched to create a custom experience for the recipient. 
To commemorate my one year anniversary, I created a special edition featuring illustrations from a favorite artist.
Liberty & Lark Studio Logo Detail
Liberty & Lark Studio Business Cards
+ Printfinity Full Color Process +
Liberty & Lark Studio Stationery

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