When her son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Stephanie Conner took on the challenge to develop recipes that were unexpected and allergy-friendly. The blog and web site is designed for all of those moms (and people of any age, really!) who are trying to find allergy-friendly recipes and tips on how to include kids in the prep. Here's a sample of what we've been cooking up the past few years for her social media channels.

The base logo utilizes the O shape in the words as a container for icons reinforcing important messages.

The elements in the logo can change with the seasons by simply updating the icons and the color combinations. 

Building in variable components allows the branding to become whatever it needs it to be.

This simple, effective visual solution keeps all of the social verticals fresh, highly relevant and appealing. 

Initial concepts for the special edition Fall printable, with a step-by-step guide on how to create an allergy-friendly turkey feast everyone can enjoy.

Artwork for 'Kiddos in the Kitchen', a podcast launched in 2019, designed to stand out in the sea of cooking podcasts.

Each recipe is accompanied by these helpful icons to help the home chef quickly narrow down which ones are right for them.

Detail of the custom cooking-inspired color palette.

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